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Mad puck

Mad Puck is here to help you manage your hockey league!


In addition to the normal stats that Mad Puck provides for your team (game, team and player stats), Mad Puck Leagues allows you to join several teams together to form a league. Teams in the same league can see the team standings of all teams in the league as well as the player standings for all players in the league.

Use Mad Puck's industry leading and patented event input system, allowing multiple fans (parents/players) to work together to enter game events, OR use the new simplified events input screen to capture a smaller set of events that are more appropriate for a casual hockey league.

All teams get full access to Mad Pucks team management features, including:

  • Scheduling - players can see the upcoming games (sync your existing SportsEngine, TeamSnap, RAMP, League Athletics or MBSportsWeb calendars with Mad Puck).

  • Attendance - players mark themselves absent, you get a notification on your phone

  • Chats - group and individual chats - provide team updates, reminders and find sub players

  • Stats - game, team, player and now league level (team and player)

Mad Puck is a free download on Apple and Android devices and 100% free to use. We would love to hear from you about what features you would like to see next!

Reach out to or DM us on Instagram @mad_puck_hockey with any questions and give us the heads up you plan to use Mad Puck Leagues.

League Setup

Summary: Create and configure all your teams the way you want them, then email with a lists of your teams and we will enable league support for your teams. Once enabled you will see a "League" tab on the stats screen.

Setup Steps

  • Create and configure a Mad Puck team for each team in your league. For each team:

    • "Create new team" from the More tab

      • Choose the type of team - Minor hockey or Pickup hockey. Minor hockey uses the term "AP" vs "Sub" in pickup. Pickup hockey assumes you need 2 goalies and you will get a warning if you only have 1 present whereas minor hockey only warns if you have 0 goalies present. So for a mens league with one goalie per team choose 'Minor hockey'.

      • If you are using a SportsEngine website make sure 'Team Name' matches the team name you used in SportsEngine (case doesn't matter)​

      • For now leave 'Calendar sync' off, but you can enter the 'webcal://' address of the calendar associated with this team. We will turn it on once we have some other setup completed.

      • If you want player profile pictures shown, you'll likely want to enable 'Players and parents can edit profile pictures' to avoid you having to enter all of the pictures yourself.

      • If you have a website you can make it available from within Mad Puck status screen by updating 'Website'.

      • If you are separately maintaining league standings on a website, enter that in the 'League standings website', otherwise leave that blank (you'll still have access to Mad Puck's league standings within the app).

      • Update the game specific default settings (Running time default, default periods, default period lengths) - this is important to do before the schedule is added as these defaults will be applied to the games created when your calendar syncs.

      • Enter the attendance settings.

        • There are 2 main ways to configure Mad Puck Attendance:

          1. All players are present, players only update attendance if they can't make a game. No changes are needed for this configuration.

          2. All players must confirm attendance (in/out/maybe) for every game. To enable this configuration, enable 'Start in a "Have not responded" state'.

        • We recommend turning on 'See attendance of other players' setting (off by default)​

        • If you would like players to be able to respond with 'Maybe' then enable 'Allow tentative attendance status' setting.

      • If you don't plan on tracking faceoffs, turn off 'Track faceoffs for this team's game'

      • Team setup is complete, choose "Add" to add the team

    • Your team is now created, select the More tab and chose "Segments"​

      • 4 segments will have been created by default. Remove the ones you don't need and edit the ones you do to make sure the dates are correct.​

        • For example if you have a spring/summer hockey league you might remove 3 of the segments, and edit the 4th one to name it "Summer 2023" and change the start date to "April 1, 2023​" and the end date to "August 31, 2023".  When the calendar sync occurs, it will choose an appropriate segments to assign to each game. Team stats are available per segment, so if you have a tournament you could assign those games to a tournament segment so see how your team did in that tournament vs regular season games.

    • Don't worry about creating opponents - those will be created for you when the calendar syncs.​

    • Now switch to the roster tab and add all of your players. You can bulk import players (recommended for leagues) using the import from CSV feature, more details can be found here.

    • Go back into the More tab and choose 'Edit team'.

      • Choose 'Edit logo' to set a team logo

      • Then turn on 'Calendar sync' and save. You calendar should be populated quickly (if not contact us).

    • Once your calendar has synced, go into the More tab and select 'Opponents'. You should see all the opponents that match the games in your schedule. Notice they don't have logos. Select each opponent, edit logo and then choose a logo for that opponent. If there isn't a recommended logo for your team to select, you can specify a photo or enter a link to the logo image (.png or .jpeg) on the web. If you have a larger group of logos to add, please contact us to add to the recommended list.

  • Email the list of team names to and ask to be Mad Puck League enabled.

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