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The first task when setting up a new team is adding the players.

You can either enter them manually one at a time on the device or create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file on your computer and then import the file into Mad Puck. If you have a large number of players, or already have the player list on your computer then the CSV import is the way to go.

Mad Puck is a free download on Apple and Android devices and 100% free to use. We would love to hear from you about what features you would like to see next!

If you have any questions, please reach out - or DM on Instagram @mad_puck_hockey

Add Players manually

To enter each player manually within the Mad Puck app:

  • Open the app

  • Click on your team

  • Select “Players”

  • Select the Add Player (+) menu item

  • If you plan to add several players at once, enable the "Create another player" toggle. After saving each player, you will remain on the add screen.

  • Enter the player information. Tip: After entering the first name and last name hit enter on the keyboard to move quickly to the next field.

  • Click the Add/checkmark (top right) to save the record or Cancel/X (top left) to discard

Import players with csv file

1. First create a CSV file

  • Download our CSV template

  • Open the file in any text editor

  • The first row of the CSV file is the header row and should be left unchanged. It will be ignored during import. The header row tells you what Mad Puck expects to be entered for each row following.

  • Add each of the players information one row per player. For example the second row of the template shows an example (which you should replace with your own player):

    • ​John,Smith,16,forward,left,N,Y,N

      • Players first name is John, last name is Smith, uniform number ​is 16, they shoot left, play forward, are not an "AP" player (so they are rostered), John is the captain and not an assistant.

The columns are:

  1. Players first name (required)

  2. Players last name (required)

  3. Uniform number (required)

  4. Position - one of: {forward/defense/goalie/left wing/right wing/center/left defense/right defense} (defaults to forward)

  5. Shoots - one of: {left, right} (defaults to left)

  6. Affiliated player {Y,N} (defaults to no)

  7. Captain {Y, N} (defaults to no)

  8. Alternate captain {Y,N} (defaults to no)

CSV file formatting tips:

  • Keep the 1st row (header row). It will be ignored during import. Delete any blank rows

  • If you don't enter a value for a column, make sure you still include the comma so the other fields stay correctly aligned. If a value is missing it will use a default value. For example you could use "John,Smith,16,forward,left,,,Y" which is missing the 2 values - in this case this player won't be a AP or captain but will be an alternate captain.

  • First name, last name and uniform number are required fields

  • If you open with a spreadsheet tool be careful the format is not altered when saving. It would be best to verify the format in a text editor after saving from a spreadsheet tool, but most spreadsheets should offer a method to export in a CSV format.

  • If you can't figure out why your file doesn't import correctly, send us your file to and we will fix ti up for you (free!)

2. Make the CSV file accessible to your device

There are a number of ways to make the CSV file accessible to your device. One method is to copy the file to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or iCloud Drive. Another method is to email the file to an address you use on your device, open the email and then download the file locally to the device (take note of the file name and location you stored the file).

3. Import the CSV file into Mad Puck

  • Open the app

  • Click on your team

  • Select “Players”

  • Select the Import Players menu item

  • Find the CSV file using the file picker

  • That's it! The players are imported into Mad Puck. At the bottom of the screen you will see a message "Player import complete. N players imported". If you see "Y players failed to import" then you either have duplicate players or there are some formatting issues with your file - check out the CSV file tips below.

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