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Mad Puck - box lacrosse

Welcome to the Next Level of Box Lacrosse Statistics and Team Management!

Mad Puck is thrilled to announce enhanced support for box lacrosse, bringing the same innovative features and functionality that hockey teams have come to love to the world of box lacrosse. We understand the unique dynamics and nuances of box lacrosse, and we've tailored our platform to meet the specific needs of coaches, players, families, and fans in the box lacrosse community.

Specialized Box Layout

Our stats entry screen has been specifically designed with a box lacrosse "box" in mind. The box area features authentic box lacrosse markings, making it intuitive and easy to track various events such as faceoffs, shots, hits, blocks, takeaways, and giveaways.

Detailed Shot and Goal Tracking

Mad Puck's box lacrosse support goes beyond basic stats. Our platform allows you to capture the intricacies of each shot, providing valuable insights for coaches and players alike.

Location-Specific Goalie Saves

When entering a shot, specify where the goalie made the save: Helmet, Body, Glove, Leg Guards and Shoes

Type of Shot Classification

Choose from a variety of shot types to accurately represent the play: Overhand, Underhand, Behind Back, Bounce, Crank, Pop, Wraparound, Sidearm

LIVE play-by-play

Stay connected to the game with Mad Puck's live play-by-play and scoreboard features, tailored specifically for box lacrosse.

As events are entered in real-time, our platform generates a live by-by-play to give you a clear and comprehensive view of the game's progress. Whether it's a faceoff, shot, save, or goal, you'll see it represented accurately and intuitively.

With Mad Puck, you're not just watching the game; you're actively participating in it. Our live play-by-play and scoreboard features put you in the heart of the action, making you feel like you're right there on the sidelines.

Show your support and send encouraging messages and emojis to your team in real-time, fostering a sense of unity and excitement throughout the game.

team management features

Managing a box lacrosse team involves much more than just tracking stats and plays. That's why Mad Puck offers comprehensive team management features designed to streamline communication, organization, and collaboration for coaches, players, families, and fans alike.

  • Scheduling - See your upcoming games and practices in the agenda view or past games and your win-loss-tie record in the finished view. The agenda provides quick access to update your attendance as well as an attendance summary for the event.


  • Team calendar synchronization - Automatically sync your teams online calendar with Mad Puck so you only have to add events in one place.


  • Calendar export - Add your Mad Puck calendar to your personal calendar so all your personal and lacrosse events are in the same place (add to Google/Apple calendars)

  • Attendance - Track who is going to be at each game and practice

  • Communication - Chat 1-on-1 with individual team members or with groups of team members. Quickly set up a group chat based on the roles assigned to the fans - for example a chat with all parents or a chat with only the coaches.

  • Polls - Gather team opinions with easy-to-use polls

  • Tasks - Track and manage important team tasks

  • Rosters - Efficiently manage team rosters

  • Sponsors - Provide extra value to your sponsors by highlighting them after each period in the live play-by-play

  • Fan management - Send out invites to join the team, approve fans and manage their access to features by associating a role on the team (player, parent, coach, friend, etc). Associate players to fans to allow the fans to manage their players (attendance, profile picture, view players stats, etc.).

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