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Mad Puck is here to help you manage your pickup hockey team!

  • Scheduling - players can see the upcoming games

  • Attendance - players mark themselves absent, you get a notification on your phone

  • Chats - group and individual chats - provide team updates, reminders and find sub players

Mad Puck is a free download on Apple and Android devices and 100% free to use. We would love to hear from you about what features you would like to see next!

Watch the video below to learn how to best setup Mad Puck for pickup hockey use.

If you have any questions, please reach out - or DM on Instagram @mad_puck_hockey

Quick TipS

​Some quick tips in setting up Mad Puck for pickup hockey use.

  • In the team settings select "Pickup Hockey" from the button at the top (default is minor hockey)

  • Health Screening

    • You can turn on health screening in the team settings

    • If players complain about having to manually answer “No” each time they submit their health screening, consider turning on “Health questions default to no for faster entry” setting, also found in the team settings.

    • Screen players at the door yourself if they forgot or don't have the app installed.

    • Assign yourself the “Manager” role (see change role in fans page) so you can see all the health results

  • Set up all the players before you send the invite out to make it faster when you start getting approvals

  • Get the team link from the top of the fans page and use the email template to send a message to your players to join Mad Puck 

  • When a fan joins a team, assign them the “Player” role only and associate the player created earlier with this fan (aka user)

  • By default, rostered players are present in all games and sub players are absent in all games. If you want players to have to choose "Going/Not Going" for each game, turn on "Start in a 'Have not responded' state" in the team settings.

  • The team manager/coach is the only one that can move players to present (i.e. you don’t want subs adding themself to a game without your approval).

  • Consider turning on the "See attendance of other players" setting in the team settings screen to allow players to see who is going and who can't make the games.

  • Use the "Send reminder" feature in the game dashboard menu to send game reminders to:

    • All players - will send the reminder to all players that are marked present, tentative or have not yet responded

    • All players needing attendance update - will only send the reminder to players that are tentative or have not yet responded. Use this to bug the players that haven't responded yet as you get closer to the game.

  • Use Mad Puck Chats to send game reminders or bug players to send in their payments!

  • After the game has ended, use the "End Game" button in the schedule screen to end the game and enter the final score.

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