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The play-tracking, stat-crunching, team-building app for hockey-crazy families

Mad Puck keeps you connected to your team’s coaches, players, families, friends, and sponsors at any level of hockey — from novice house league to the most competitive travel teams. If hockey apps were highlight-reel goals, Mad Puck is a bar-down snipe on a breakaway.


Every hockey team has an extended hockey family; a group of dedicated parents, relatives, friends, and volunteers who make the game fun for those on the ice. With Mad Puck, the hockey family can work together to track every game, every big play, and every goal!






Follow live


As your hockey family tracks the game at the rink, a live play-by-play feed displays all the action as it happens.


Now, out-of-town relatives or business-travelling parents can follow every game live, and you can even send a cheer to the team! It’s almost as good as being at the rink (concession stand coffee not included!)

Become an expert statistician

All the stats and plays entered during a game are tabulated in real-time, giving your team an instant analytical advantage. And the Mad Puck advantage doesn’t stop when the final horn sounds: you can view individual game stats, cumulative season stats, and splits, all generated from the crowdsourced data collected during each game.

Track stats and plays

The game is on the ice, but Mad Puck is fueled by the hockey family in the stands. Parents, friends, and volunteers can choose which types of plays or stats they want to track for each game (such as faceoffs, shots on goal, goals, or penalties).


It’s a true crowdsourced data collection model: you can work together as a team to track every play, while still enjoying the game.


Chat 1-on-1 with individual team members or with groups of team members.

Quickly set up a group chat based on the roles assigned to the fans - for example a chat with all parents or a chat with only the coaches.

Health screening

Some teams will require health screening before the player or parent is allowed into the arena. Parents can fill out the health questionnaire before each game or practice for their child or themselves (if they want to watch the game).  Coaches can quickly see who is healthy, who is sick and who has yet to respond.

Your privacy is important to us! We only store the result of the questionnaire (not the individual questions), only the team coach, manager and admin have access to the result, and the reports are kept for at most 70 days before being deleted.


Parents can manage scheduling and attendance for their player, see the full game stats, or track their player’s progress throughout the year with cumulative stats.


Coaches can use real-time stats to help inform in-game decisions, or highlight areas for improvement at their next practice. And, coaches no longer need to spend hours inputting and generating cumulative stats after every game. Less busy work means more time dedicated to the craft of coaching.




Built for hockey families by hockey families.


We love the game of hockey, and we love developing software solutions that make your life easier.

​In early 2019, we set out to develop an app that would allow parents, relatives, and friends to keep updated with games they couldn’t attend in person. But it was also important to spread out game tracking, so that no one person was responsible for tracking every event. The result is an app that stays true to the values of hockey: building something of substance, all while having fun! 


We've tested Mad Puck with several teams since 2019, and we’re excited to let other teams be a part of the Mad Puck experience.

We hope you like it!

-The Mad Puck Team


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